December 31, 2013

So how was your Christmas/Chanukka/Kwanza? Did you get what you wanted? How's the family? Your creepy uncle still creepy? Mine too!
Through the Christmas break... Not that I really got one. My full time job is working from home, making sure a toddler doesn't kill himself. Oh how he tries. I simply took some time away from horsin around (pony commissions) to do some illustration work.
And this is the one.

It's actually the 3rd in a series that's been in the imagination stage for ages. like most of my work.
Why the third first?
Pff... F if I know. It just started to flow the easiest. Besides I doubt It'll matter much what order the series is seen in. Who's to say all three will even be completed in my lifetime. Cause I'm that slow.
Here the sketch stage is just about complete. Then it gets printed and inked with a dip pen.
I know that sketch is probably static to look at. Some color blocking might help.

Here, have a detail shot for the road.

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