August 28, 2015

1st Japan Crate

If mail crates and food reviews aren't your thingie thang. I dig ya... But don't worry. I can't foresee this becoming even a semi-frequenthing.
A husband got me a three month subscription to Japan Crate for mama's day. Cause G D it if I'm not a unicorn and sweets lovin stereotype. So I'm gonna talk about em.

Each crate comes with a product list. Naming and describing each snack in the collection. Pretty handy. Also comes with a little embarrissingly drawn comic book.

Let's just go down the list. In order of bitten.

Matcha Green tea KitKat
Look, I'll say right off that I don't really enjoy green tea flavored snacks. So this one is gonna be a pre judged before even being opened. It tasted like a KitKat wrapped in a Green Tea white chocolate blanket. It did its job.

Choco Banana Cream Pocky
Also, not an eager fan of banana flavored things...
Will make an exception for pudding. And now, for banana cream pocky. And I'll hand it to em. The flavor was a pretty successful banana cream.

Ramune Marble gum
Ramune is pretty easy to find stateside these days. So, I'm just gonna assume that many of you are already familiar with its melon-y flavor.
This gum is unmistakably Ramune! They even got the fizz in there.

Happy Nimumyo Gummies 
I wish to gawd these were named "Kitty pitties"!
They are something tasty. Opening the bag, you get a sharp peach scent. With an even sharper peach flavor.
They're covered in micro, flavorless gel beads. That can be a little odd at first. If the gel is meant to be like a moc kitty litter stuck to your cat's nasty paws, then it's genius! If it's just intended to keep the gummies from sticking to each other (most likely the answer) then it's just a bizarre sensation.

Kirby Blend-Blend Mix Gum
Five flavors:
Apple, Orange, Soda (Ramune specifically) Yogurt and "Mystery"

Thankfully a husband can read a little Katana. #weeaboodays.
This one gets a feverish golf clap... Tried the Apple + Ramune recipe listed on the back and by golly it did indeed taste like a sparkling apple champagne.
And a Yogurt + Soda did = a Cream Soda.
The gum however, is that kind that will stick mercilessly to your skin. Bubble blowers be warned.
Tried one mystery flavor. Couldn't even begin to guess it, just generically sweet. But after a bit it started to take on a real bitter edge, till I just had to spit it out. And now the bitterness refuses go away.
I guess it's a gag piece.

Matcha Green Tea Pejoy (hur hur)
I already mentioned my feelings about tea flavored snacks. They sink my boat. However, I did really like the cookie shell. It's had a nice sweet, buttery flavor.
And I like that it brands it's self as "Pocky's friend" That's just dopy-cute.
The Tea innards... Effectively tasted like tea. So it too did its job. Nothing else to say.

Red Potion/Black Potion Gum
I fudged up here, When I tried it, I found it so full of nugh! That I gave it to a husband right away. I wanted it out of my nauseated sight. He must have liked it cause it's gone.
The very first thing I noted when the seal broke. Was a cleaning chemical-like smell.
The flavor... I guess was like Anise seed. Or something similar to Black Jack gum, if you've tried it. Husband likes that abomination too.

Clabee Snow Pea Chips
Fudged up here too... Once the bag was opened, they were GONE! Before I even knew it. So no product pic.
In short, they were like a sweet pea cheeto puffs. Tasted like a normal salty cracker treat, at first. But then blossomed into a wonderful soft, sweet pea flavor in the end.
Would buy again!

Update: Just saw a commercial for the American release of these. Lookit that jazzed up packaging. If you see it in the wild pick one up.

Talking Puppy Chocolate
Meh, it was crispy chocolate. Similar to Palmers' waxy lie. Nothing noteworthy... EXCEPT FOR THE ADORBS PUPPEH CARD!

This is why it's called "Talking puppy" You warm the speech bubble with your hand to reveal a caption.
Choco Kinako Mochi DIY
So far, of the small experiences I have with DIY candy kits this one was the most tolerable. Still felt "ookie" in the tummy after eating it. But it was better than the burger DIY.
The Product photo isn't mine. I forgot the take a pic before I opened it.

White Chocolate Big Bar Z
Awww yeah! This thing! This velvety, creamy dream stick thing!
At first nothing came to mind that I could compare it to. Then it dawned. A vanilla waffer bar. Only with this, the vanilla cream seems to be infused throughout the entire treat! Making it soft and smooth. Heavily sweet in the beginning. Then melted into a pleasant vanilla flavor as it breaks down. And carries a nice milk shake into solid full-fat (none of that 1% or fat-free mess) milk flavor after taste.
The husband described it as "a rice crispy treat impression."
You can bet I'll be looking for more of this big n' bad boy at every Asian market we parton.

Kawaii Ramune
A tiny Ramune soda. Complete with glass marble. Done.

Little Gang Grape
... Am I wrong in thinking there is a very near unfortunate product name here? Was it just my dyslexia making trouble?
Anyway. Grape gum bits blended with grape pop rock bits. Had a pretty strong flavor. Looks like coarse beach sand doesn't it?

Magic Bubble Jelly DIY
This one was the most horrific DIY yet! 
Smelled like over-ripe fruit. Had a gag inducing jelly texture. And a burny fizz to it. It was so awful we couldn't stop laughing. 
My toddler actually learned the word "awful" thanks to the experience of making this kit.

1 down. 2 to go.
Type ya later.