May 27, 2016

Useables! And my first Zine.

Here ya go. Have some free snaps and textures to do with as you please. For personal or business use.

Me? I'm made a quick Zine. Pulling some random selections from one of my 2015 sketchbooks. Which include some pics of snack wrappers and paper ephemera. I glue all sorts of dumb things into my books.

You have my full permission to use these images for your own project. Do whatever... Just go make something!
Show me and I'll feature your work here or on Facebook.
I'll even trade you Zines.

Like em? Want more? Let me know in the comments and every once in a while I'll toss a few up.

Oh yeah... Zine how-to here.
UPDATE: When using the template instructions in the link. Revers the "front page" and "back page" positions. otherwise your Zine will open in reverse.