August 17, 2014

While I have a little time before the next gig starts I've gone back to working on "Pegasus Rising" or maybe I'll call it "Rise of Pegasus" Not much difference between the two, I know... Which do you think?

And thanks to my computer slowing down... I mean way the F down. Like a "Hit Ctrl+S, walk away, go pee, grab a drink and brows six blogs, then tab back over to Photoshop, see that it's not done, got check on a napping toddler, take a picture of a little angel face you never get to see when he's awake, go back to Photoshop, glare at the screen for another half minute and finally go back to scribbling." kind of slow.
And I can't understand what it's G D problem is... I haven't filled it up with large JPEG and Raw files of my first child. So much so I could make an animating flip book of his first year. I also haven't crammed tons of fonts and PS brushes in its pie-hole. God knows that's a dumb thing to do. And one of the most common reasons for arting computer slowdowns.
I'll tell you right now that I know better. Am lazy and have done just that.

Anyway, while the computer is contemplating how to free itself.  I can turn to the side while I wait and pick up a tiny frame to paint on.
Found it on one of our junk ship excursions. Got two of em. Thought they were wood carved when I first got them. Turns out they're pressed paper Mache.

And then from time to time I'll pause a bit on those two to do a little pose sketching for another project.