October 27, 2014

Take a walk-through with me. NSFW, by the way.

So, how about a progress walk through for Behold, God? You game.

TLDR gif for your convenience.

To kick off, here's something you might find surprising about this work. Its concept came about when I saw this photo by Vaxzone on Deviantart.

Can you see the connection?
Maybe if I show you the way I saw it... It was actually due to miss interpreting the negative space and colors. 

Here's what happened.
I was digging around DA for something... No clue what the search was about at the time. It's been long forgotten at this point. When a glance was stolen at a thumbnail image hiding in the "More from" column. My sight is so poor that when my attention fluttered by, I saw a lanky limbed woman seated on a throne of clouds. Took a second glance and saw the image correctly. But the idea had been sparked. So a screen capture was taken and a fast doodle was thrown down as a reminder of what I saw. Ultimately to be filed away for a later date.
Thankfully the open call from Slushbox dropped in my lap at almost the same time. Which pushed the concept into production, instead of allowing it to languish in forgotten files.
Like most "flash of inspiration" ideas. 

Concept sketch.
Working sketch.
Usually, as I'm working I'll find images to cobble together to help build the idea as fast as possible. 
Rather than laboring exhaustively over a small piece or humoring an idea for hours that might not work out. 
I have such a short attention span and tolerance for difficulty that I tend to drop a project for months at a time if I get stuck evaluating all possibilities. This generally happens while working out poses and compositions. 
It turns into a flurry of "oh what if the arm was nudged a little this way?" or "maybe it'll look better nudged just a little more. Or maybe the other way." and "what if it's just switched around?" to "how about dropping it down instead" and again "let's nudge it this way, now the other way... How about up? Maybe it looked better the way it was before." Over and over and over. Till the options get so confusing I don't know what's going on anymore. The biggest danger is potentially  loosing sight of what you really wanted in the first place. 
So by "clip art'ing" I can at least see if a supporting idea or object will work out, right away. For me, it's about keeping things moving as smoothly as possible in the early stages or I'll just throw my hands in that air an walk away to go pout.
I believe there's a term for it, Analysis paralysis.

I think this one comes next...
Or maybe this one... See, the changes are so minimal that I can't even remember which version was actually saved first
The original concept wasn't working and caused too many headaches. It was time a for a redraw. Above is a Photoshop colorized sketchbook page. 

It was also time for a redraw and tightening of the "Goddess"

Everything's coming together. Chunky flat colors will get thrown in for readability.
Plotting paths for hair cascades.
Taa Daa!
Blocking in the midtones and highlights.
Let's try something out here.
Color palettes are always a challenge and will change several times.
At this point the sketch is finalized and ready for penciling.

To get all the line work detail wanted, the image was divided into four separate sections. Penciled, scanned and reassembled in Photoshop.

The shading seen above was done on as a separate component and scanned after the pencils. I like to keep the two separate just have on hand if I ever want to work with the image in a different medium. It's likely the most confusing, work intensive and an all together busted way to work, but at the time it felt like the most "medium open" option. 
If you think that's in any way pointless then you should see the maddening way I handle my Photoshop files.
More color adjustments.
Till we get something a little more unconventional. At least I felt so. Still playing around with the rays of light till it was decided to just stop fighting with it and go with the simplest effect

That pretty much runs through the whole thing. 
Thanks for walking with me. Next time I'll try to keep my hands to myself. Promise.

September 10, 2014

A husband is back from China!

I can now shove a toddler in his face and vanish into the night, more stealthily than Catwoman could ever dream. But with way more less boob.
With him came a great bundle of Japanese candies n' snacks! I just love trying this stuff.

Get in tight, Group shot.

A Future pencil holder tube of Meiji chocolate covered Muscat gummies.
Tiny box assortment of tiny assorted chocolate candies.
Tiny box assortment of tiny assorted sour flavor candies. Some hard, some gummy.

Meito 'Air in Choco' strawberry fish. Eating some now as I type. It's comparable to a strawberry wafer cookie. It's pretty good. The aerated chocolate collapses and melts almost instantly. It makes you think you're feeling a fizzing sensation. The wrapper of this one is going in the sketchbook.

And one plush strawberry Alpaca. That the toddler (Despite having a white one of his own, from a previous trip.) has already taken and dirtied up.

Ramune toilet candy. I saw a video last year of this thing. Thought it was hysterical. Now I get to try it for myself! I peeked in the box already and saw that I got the black one.. Suck! Here's a video to show what it's like.

The other two below appear to be an "easy bake" kit for your microwave. These ought to be fun abominations.

Happy Kitchen Donut kit. Video here.

Happy Kitchen Hamburger kit. Video here.

Husband also brought home a moon cake tin. Gifted by one of his coworkers in the China office. I'm simply dazzled by it. I love the design and Colors so much. Just you watch this is gonna be put to use. 
The contents, however... We've tried moon cakes before. And I personally find them to be the liars of the snack cake world. They looked (to me) sweet and full of the yum. But they are dry, bland, amazingly salty things. And the preserved lump in the center. Allegedly an egg yolk, if I remember correctly... *shudder* Well to wrap this up. What's in the tin is much sweeter and softer. And not entirely bad, but by the third bite I found myself wrestling with my gag reflex. While it's much sweeter that the original cake I remember, it has a funky "deviled egg" background flavor to it. 
But I will get through the rest of the tin. And I don't know why.

September 9, 2014

Moon Crisis 2014 Babys' First Gallery Show.

It's been 20 years of moon madness!
I was invited to help celebrate by taking part in Moon Crisis 2014. Hosted by the Rothick Art Haus Gallery in LA. My piece hung on the same walls with the likes of  Bara-chan, Glenn Arthur, Miss Kika, Babs Tarr, Ann Marcellino, Sayamis... and loads more.
If you were lucky enough to be there then here, have some of my jealousy. I hear there was fun and treats all around. And everywhere you looked you were moon'd... Sailor moon'd. BA-bum Tss!

I did manage to hire my sister-in-law A smashing photographer to record some of the missed fun for me. Click the link to her site to see way more photos of the event than the piddly few I posted here. Some great shots to be discovered!

All the Sailors were there. Venus, Moon... Err, Mars. 

I wish I could have seen the arcade cabinet in person. Pff! I'm dreaming small. I wish I could have played it in person. Cause that is the coolest, most "spesheru spoto" touching thing there!

Lean in there girl! You take in that detail. Or maybe she's looking at the piece next to mine. I can't really tell. And you mister... The one with the phone. What you're doing there is an extremely accepted form of bootlegin. Go on son, take your pics!

HA! I just now noticed the Pajama Usagi cosplay. That's cute.
 And whoa... I spy the most immaculate bowl cut. No, that there's a Yamica cut, ladies and gentlemen!

 Mah... Gawwwd, How good does that look?! Well, at least you and I both have one form of vengeance on these tastebud teasing photos. And that's in knowing that the photographer (Dear as she is) looked like a foodie douche while photoing her own food. So there, Kat!

Hey lookit that! Even the host of "Insight in Progress" made it out to the show. Wonderful guy. His show is totally worth your time. psst! I was invited to record an episode with him. It's #9.Check out episodes #1 and #3. Some funny and intelligent stuff! #3 bout split my side.

Luna, Dark Lady and one of my faves, Miss Kika. Sweet girl.

Hey Zambi! Is that a large Pegasus sticker or a halo-cut print? Cause if it's a sticker I need one for my collection! I'll trade ya something! Art...my toddler.No idea who this couple is. But they are so awesome that they make the perfect close to this post.
And there you have it. My very first gallery group show.

August 17, 2014

While I have a little time before the next gig starts I've gone back to working on "Pegasus Rising" or maybe I'll call it "Rise of Pegasus" Not much difference between the two, I know... Which do you think?

And thanks to my computer slowing down... I mean way the F down. Like a "Hit Ctrl+S, walk away, go pee, grab a drink and brows six blogs, then tab back over to Photoshop, see that it's not done, got check on a napping toddler, take a picture of a little angel face you never get to see when he's awake, go back to Photoshop, glare at the screen for another half minute and finally go back to scribbling." kind of slow.
And I can't understand what it's G D problem is... I haven't filled it up with large JPEG and Raw files of my first child. So much so I could make an animating flip book of his first year. I also haven't crammed tons of fonts and PS brushes in its pie-hole. God knows that's a dumb thing to do. And one of the most common reasons for arting computer slowdowns.
I'll tell you right now that I know better. Am lazy and have done just that.

Anyway, while the computer is contemplating how to free itself.  I can turn to the side while I wait and pick up a tiny frame to paint on.
Found it on one of our junk ship excursions. Got two of em. Thought they were wood carved when I first got them. Turns out they're pressed paper Mache.

And then from time to time I'll pause a bit on those two to do a little pose sketching for another project.