December 2, 2013

2nd birthday card design

So here I thought I'd gotten out of making my son a card.

Me: (To my husband and mother-in-law) When should we have the Boogs' birthday?
Boogs-short for booger.
Ma-in-law: Oh, we're having the Family Christmas party on the 21st. You might as well lump it with that.
Me: Fantastic! Everything is taken care of then.
Swaggers away.

Everything was happening on his birthday anyway so it made sense. All I had to do was make get a cake.
The sailing was gonna be smooth this year.
But as it so happens in times of calm security... plans change, abruptly. The family shindig is now on a different date and the 21st is open for a toddler to have all to his sticky fingered self.

So I was back to work on the card with a tighter crunch time to do it in. You gotta send it out with enough time for folks to make plans after all.
And let me tell ya... The only reason it took more than three plus nights was because I am no good... Let me put that in all caps NO GOOD. Wait, let me bold it too. NO GOOD at copy writing.
Words bullied me in school. More than once they knocked my books out of my arms in the hallway and walked away laughing.

The credit for the wording goes to my (much clever than I) husband.

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  1. I believe this is genious as always! Chad and you are an amazing team! =D Big hugs to the Boogs! I wish I can meet you all in person soon! =D I wan't to be at one of his bday parties to take pics!