November 15, 2013

Whats on my plate.

Generally, I've always got several projects going at one time. Most sit in thumb nail hell. while any active works constantly rotate. 
If I get stuck on one I shift gears to another. The idea is to keep things moving, to constantly be making progress on something. Even if I only eek out a couple lines at a time. And It does progress that way sometimes.
Especially now that time has become such a rare resource, thanks to a toddler.
Here's What I'm currently staring at night after night.
  • Crowned Unicorn.
  • Brian Froud custom MLP 
  • Brain storming invite cards for Son's upcoming birthday.

I've gone and done it.

I've joined the masses and set up a blog.

With the hopes of accomplishing what? ...To be honest, I don't know.
I simply enjoy trying to make and do things. Anything. Some projects stick and become more. Some fade away into boredom. 
What I hope to do with this blog is to... Rather, what I think (as I sit here typing this now) I want to do. 

  • Simply see if I can keep up a blog. 
  • use it as a record of what I've accomplished in my work and especially as an affirmation of what I've learned. 
  • Allow others to learn with me or teach me a thing or two as they follow what I do. 

I used to be a very secretive artist. 
"Nuu, Copy right ME! Do not steal!!" 
Wha wha whaa. 
It's a mindset you see echoed all over artistic web communities. Sup Deviant art!
That your work is so original. Separate from everything else. That you must guard it at all costs or risk never attaining any kind of recognition. What you risk loosing are many life and career fulfilling links and friendships. 
In recent years I began to feel that sort of mindset to be a very immature, irritating and exhausting. If someone came to me with a question I would do my best to answer it and be helpful to them, but I would also try to keep back important tidbits. Then I came to realize how pointless it was.
It doesn't matter if somebody figures out how exactly you did something. Let them. In the end what they produce will be different from your work. Cause they aren't you. They have their own skill level, design sense and focus of interests. Some artist are secretive for fear of handing more skill and power over to someone that may or may not be better than them. Or deep down, they don't want to see someone rocket past them. 
Again, Let them have your knowledge. If it turns out they blow you away then turn around and learn from them instead. Take a close look and examine how they took the same tools and technique and made it work better.
So I suppose that's what this blog will be about. It'll serve as a vehicle for this developing frame of mind. Watch my mistakes in the hopes of avoiding them yourself. Watch my progress and triumphs and go accomplish the same, or more.