September 9, 2014

Moon Crisis 2014 Babys' First Gallery Show.

It's been 20 years of moon madness!
I was invited to help celebrate by taking part in Moon Crisis 2014. Hosted by the Rothick Art Haus Gallery in LA. My piece hung on the same walls with the likes of  Bara-chan, Glenn Arthur, Miss Kika, Babs Tarr, Ann Marcellino, Sayamis... and loads more.
If you were lucky enough to be there then here, have some of my jealousy. I hear there was fun and treats all around. And everywhere you looked you were moon'd... Sailor moon'd. BA-bum Tss!

I did manage to hire my sister-in-law A smashing photographer to record some of the missed fun for me. Click the link to her site to see way more photos of the event than the piddly few I posted here. Some great shots to be discovered!

All the Sailors were there. Venus, Moon... Err, Mars. 

I wish I could have seen the arcade cabinet in person. Pff! I'm dreaming small. I wish I could have played it in person. Cause that is the coolest, most "spesheru spoto" touching thing there!

Lean in there girl! You take in that detail. Or maybe she's looking at the piece next to mine. I can't really tell. And you mister... The one with the phone. What you're doing there is an extremely accepted form of bootlegin. Go on son, take your pics!

HA! I just now noticed the Pajama Usagi cosplay. That's cute.
 And whoa... I spy the most immaculate bowl cut. No, that there's a Yamica cut, ladies and gentlemen!

 Mah... Gawwwd, How good does that look?! Well, at least you and I both have one form of vengeance on these tastebud teasing photos. And that's in knowing that the photographer (Dear as she is) looked like a foodie douche while photoing her own food. So there, Kat!

Hey lookit that! Even the host of "Insight in Progress" made it out to the show. Wonderful guy. His show is totally worth your time. psst! I was invited to record an episode with him. It's #9.Check out episodes #1 and #3. Some funny and intelligent stuff! #3 bout split my side.

Luna, Dark Lady and one of my faves, Miss Kika. Sweet girl.

Hey Zambi! Is that a large Pegasus sticker or a halo-cut print? Cause if it's a sticker I need one for my collection! I'll trade ya something! toddler.No idea who this couple is. But they are so awesome that they make the perfect close to this post.
And there you have it. My very first gallery group show.

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  1. I was incredibly excited to see this update on your fb and blog! I couldn't wait any longer to see this group of pics, you're very lucky they could go and watch this in person and photograph the event for you to feel like you went! I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations on booking this amazing show and hopefully will be the first big one of your exciting career! =D Can't wait to see what else is waiting to develop for you!

    And kuddos to the amazing photographer!!! The photos are incredible, I even feel the warmth and excitement on the place! I even recognized the smiling podcast host in the pic hahaha even if I don't know you all in person!