September 10, 2014

A husband is back from China!

I can now shove a toddler in his face and vanish into the night, more stealthily than Catwoman could ever dream. But with way more less boob.
With him came a great bundle of Japanese candies n' snacks! I just love trying this stuff.

Get in tight, Group shot.

A Future pencil holder tube of Meiji chocolate covered Muscat gummies.
Tiny box assortment of tiny assorted chocolate candies.
Tiny box assortment of tiny assorted sour flavor candies. Some hard, some gummy.

Meito 'Air in Choco' strawberry fish. Eating some now as I type. It's comparable to a strawberry wafer cookie. It's pretty good. The aerated chocolate collapses and melts almost instantly. It makes you think you're feeling a fizzing sensation. The wrapper of this one is going in the sketchbook.

And one plush strawberry Alpaca. That the toddler (Despite having a white one of his own, from a previous trip.) has already taken and dirtied up.

Ramune toilet candy. I saw a video last year of this thing. Thought it was hysterical. Now I get to try it for myself! I peeked in the box already and saw that I got the black one.. Suck! Here's a video to show what it's like.

The other two below appear to be an "easy bake" kit for your microwave. These ought to be fun abominations.

Happy Kitchen Donut kit. Video here.

Happy Kitchen Hamburger kit. Video here.

Husband also brought home a moon cake tin. Gifted by one of his coworkers in the China office. I'm simply dazzled by it. I love the design and Colors so much. Just you watch this is gonna be put to use. 
The contents, however... We've tried moon cakes before. And I personally find them to be the liars of the snack cake world. They looked (to me) sweet and full of the yum. But they are dry, bland, amazingly salty things. And the preserved lump in the center. Allegedly an egg yolk, if I remember correctly... *shudder* Well to wrap this up. What's in the tin is much sweeter and softer. And not entirely bad, but by the third bite I found myself wrestling with my gag reflex. While it's much sweeter that the original cake I remember, it has a funky "deviled egg" background flavor to it. 
But I will get through the rest of the tin. And I don't know why.

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