May 27, 2014

Froud Fairy. Complete!


  • Magic Sculpt - Two part epoxy clay
  • 26 Gauge Floral Wire - For wing and tail supports
  • Craft grade acrylics - Random brands. I tend to buy whatever's on sale.
  • Pearl Ex - pigment powders
  • Premo Sculpy Polymer Clay "Accents" - Pearl
  • Swarovski Crystals - Used in the flowers
  • Liquetex Brand High Gloss Varnish

More photos below. But first some yakety yak.

Very happy to have this one complete.
Unfortunately, she is the last commissioned piece.
In the years of using epoxy based clays I've developed a relentless skin allergy. Which not everyone will develope. I was just one of the unlucky one. It emerged over four years, slowly increasing in severity. The connection was made when, after a solid day of sculpting my eyelids damn near swelled shut.
But I simply couldn't find another clay that was equally strong, with no detectable shrinkage and able to adhere to anything. So, armed with Artguard barrier cream and latex gloves I kept on truckin.
Reactions would still happen of course. The clay leaves a persistent residue behind on anything it or I touched. So it was impossible to keep from coming into contact with it somehow. From anything like a pencil I'd help with gloves on to the edge of my desk where my arms rested or the tools and clay containers themselves. Residue gradually coated everything. No matter how cautious I wasn't was.
So I'd have the inevitable reaction. Would then take a break for a couple days or a couple weeks, depending how bad, to let my skin heal up.
And it would be very specific spots that would react. My eyelids (the worst!), cheeks (looked like I had rosacea), two tiny spots on the forehead, backs of my hands, webbing of my fingers (the most irritating), wrists and elbows.
Churning out a custom went from taking a couple weeks of production time to taking months. Two or three even took a solid year. I'm immensely grateful to all my commissioners for having an endless well of patience. Not a single one complained, if you believe it. But making someone wait as long as a year is just ridiculous. Therefore, I'm choosing to turn the "closed" sign on.
Will this be the end of customizing? Not likely. I want to move onto other bases. Things like Kid Robot Vinyl, Kokeshi dolls, a Negora... ect. I even have one of those 18" Pony Project blanks sitting up on my shelf

Some Detail Shots

Wings were built to be removable. Intended to be a "break point" should she ever suffer a fall.

Up next: A step-by-step walk through on the process used to paint Froud Fairys' wings.
Type ya later.

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