May 15, 2014

BIRTHDAY gluttony

Back in April I became another year older...Again.
The in-laws gifted me a toddler free day and the husband took a half day from work to take us out for a nice quiet lunch. Then to a bakery I hadn't yet set foot in. I couldn't ask for anything more!
Fat girl surrounded by cups of cake! Heaven.

This cupcake you see here! This cookies and cream monster had a solid ice cream scoop of cookies n' dream cream perched precariously on top. Like bowler hat. But when I saw it had a cream filling. On top of all that mess, well, that's when I decided "F all! It's my G D birthday! I'm already fat so I'm just going to animal out on this mutha. I'ma kill this cupcake." Make it mah digested biznoch n' what not! I only get to Legally (under Street family house laws) animal out once a year and I was going down spraying bullets.

...Enter Failure.

Midway through, the sugar buzz became too much to bear. When you can feel your own atoms vibrating and the sounds of an ant silently walking along the sidewalk, become earth quaking stomps... it's time to throw in the frosting soiled towel.

The weeks following were spent doing some birthday shopping.
Thanks to a collected stock of amazon gift cards and gifted loose cash, I amassed myself a nice little haul.
We have the following:
Golden Open-slow drying acrylics. The modern theory set.
Golden Open-slow drying acrylics. The Traditional color set
(Thanks Bro-in-law!!)
Golden acrylic medium thinner - 4oz
Color Mixing Bible - by Ian Sidaway
and a
Magic Palette Color Mixing visual guide - the larger 24" version.
Oh and a 20ml tube of Pass Color - Sepia gouache. An accidental extra from 'dick Blick.

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