November 5, 2015

Drawlloween 2015!

First time taking on the challenge!
And I am thankful to say that I made it through. Didn't get shit-else done the whole month, but it was probably the most productive month in... Ever!
Usually I'm spending weeks on a single piece trying to get everything right. A bad trap to fall into. One I have to work on climbing out of. And I have to say that Drawlloween was helpful in that. Instead of agonizing over every line, you're forced to just slap something down. So it was a great exercise in not caring, just get it out and move on.
Never mind that I spent most of the time three or four days behind. But so what! All was completed on the 31st!
A++ Will do again next year.

Graphite / White ink

Red Ticonderoga Pencil / Brush Pen

Violet Ticonderoga Pencil / Zig Writer

Red Ticonderoga Pencil / Brush Pen / Crayons

Micron Pens / Dr. Martin Inks
Interested? Contact me

Red Ticonderoga Pencil / Brush Pen

Red Ticonderoga Pencil / Brush Pen / White Charcoal

Red Ticonderoga Pencil / No.2 Pencil / Brush Pen
Graphite / Dr. Martin Inks / Liquide Gold Ink
Available at

Violet Ticonderoga Pencil / Brush pen / crayons

Purple Crayon

Violet Ticonderoga Pencil / White Charcoal

Can you tell I was dry-heaving by this point. 
Graphite / White Charcoal

Red Ticonderoga Pencil / Brush Pen / White Charcoal / Copic Marker


Graphite / White Charcoal

Graphite / Markers

Micron Pen / Markers / White Charcoal

Graphite / Markers / White Charcoal 

Color Pencil

Graphite / White Charcoal

Graphite / White Charcoal
Brush pen / Graphite / White Charcoal

Graphite / White Charcoal / Marker

Black cat... In the dark. 
Graphite / White Charcoal

Grandma always loved that old farm. After she passed away we took one of her mouth eaten dresses and gussied up that seasons scarecrow. It seemed like a humorous way to honor her. Seeing how she really enjoyed gazing out over those fields. After a while we noticed the pumpkin head began to shrivel into a peculiarly familiar shape.

Sorry, Arachnophobic. This is all you get.


If you're a slow worker like me. I can't recommend this enough! In just the span of a month you'll notice a change. One forced out by the sheer repetition of upchucking something every night.
It reminds you that you only get better by doing. And doing alot

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