July 2, 2015

The King's Unicorn

Recently made the decision to begin phasing out of pony customizing.
The trickle of finished pieces had been slowing for years. And it's become clear that the pastime has lost it's pizazz. Don't get me wrong... Once a piece is done, I'm thrilled. But the journey to the finish line has become tedious.
So starting with "the King's Unicorn", once the last seven or eight in-progress customs are complete the door on MLP customizing will close.
Perhaps I'll move on to other vinyl art toys.
Any suggested figures?

I try to make all tails and wings removable. Makes shipping less stressful.


  1. I love your work, I think you'd sell a lot more if you had more exposure, where do you sell at or on?!? Do sell on eBay, ETSY, DeviantArt or Amazon?! Not only do customs, but refurbish older ones, not sure what you charge, but perhaps until you got more exposure & customers maybe offer discounts! I also been seeing a lot of people customizing LPS, Monster High Dolls, I also think you'd do an amazing job on Breyer horses or similar type of horses! I'd love to get you to make something!! Great work!!

    1. Aw, thanks for you enthusiasm Tina.
      I do have an Etsy shop. tamisery.etsy.com
      It's horribly neglected as I try to make a stock of new products. I have a DA account too. Which is also neglected. Amazon... Never looked into.
      Mostly it's the Arena that lands me the prices I'm looking for. So I don't really bother trying to sell outside of it.
      Don't really refurb. Might do the odd eye repaint for someone here n' there.
      But you are right, I don't have much exposure...anywhere. Just can't seem to get a foot hold outside of pewnies. I believe my biggest challenge is the obscene amount of time it takes me to produce anything.
      I have seen the flood of MH customs in recent years. And will likely do one at some point.

  2. Tina, I think you might find that Tamisery/Poniesyea is pretty well known in the customizing world. I'm very sad she's stopping because I've always wanted one of her customs. Maybe someday!!! Do what you need to do for yourself Tamisery. I'll be stalking your work whatever you decide to do. -BarbedDragon